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September 22, 2014

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Russellville, Arkansas 72802

April 17, 1970

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Colon and Rectal Cancer

September 2, 2014

Stage 2


how it affects my family and friends, and the thought of having to have a colostomy for the rest of my life.

To stop sweating the small stuff...cause it's all small stuff. Appreciate life; really appreciate it.

Pray ♡

St. Mary's Cancer Center

Get lots of rest and try your hardest to stay positive and avoid unnecessary stress.

Stay positive. When that seems impossible, give it to God.

Rectal bleeding, fatigue, low back pain, left hip and sciatic pain.

Scheduled for 2/19/15

10/13/14 - 11/26/14 (1st Round) 12/23/14 for 5 weeks (2nd Round)

10/13/14 - 11/26/14


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